The Eternity offers a multitude of installation options for a custom-designed pool that blends beautifully with your backyard landscape:

Installation above-ground, in-ground, or partially in-ground.
Available in round or oval models.
Choice of three different print liners.
Various sizes.
Wide variety of optional finishes, including aluminum, vinyl, wood, patio, etc..
m 3.6 m 4.5 m 5.1 m 6 m 6.9 m 7.8 m 8.7 m 9.6 m 10.5 m
f 12' 15' 17' 20' 23' 26' 29' 32' 35'
m 3.6m X5.4m 3.6mX7.2m 3.6mX8.4m 4.2mX8.4m 4.5mX9m
f 12X'18' 12'X24' 12'X28' 14'X28' 15'X30'