Your Prisma pool meets standards of excellence unmatched in the industry. The panels, for example, provide exceptional corrosion resistance. Recent studies conducted by SOREVCO have shown that Prisma pools could easily last 100 years! How is this possible? Because the panels contain an exclusively high level of galvanizing - 1,220 g of zinc per square meter - 70% more than the competition! In addition, the honeycomb surface exclusive to PRISMA panels provides zinc retention twice as high as conventional surfaces. And all perforations made on panels are covered with a finish high in zinc. The TOX® joining system is another substantial advantage of PRISMA pools. Used to manufacture PRISMA pool panels, the TOX® joining system is like a riveting system without rivets. The German-design TOX® joining system provides exceptionally strong joints while protecting the galvanized finish on panels. Each PRISMA panel has a support every 76 cm (30”). Installed using an electrotechnical process, the supports do not affect steel galvanizing. As for the radial panels on PRISMA pools, they have top edges measuring 13 cm (5”) which enable our installers to create unique pool shapes meeting your expectations exactly.